Barista Hustle Tamper


Designed for every budget without compromise thanks to more efficient manufacturing and less materials.


Damage the base? It happens. Swap it out for AUD$20 / USD$15 instead of buying another expensive paperweight.


Double flange eliminates the vacuum effect and helps keep you vertical. Lighter weight (175g) makes regular tampers feel like an axe; and you just upgraded to a scalpel.


Human-friendly shape for most hands and styles. Rock hard yet textured surface for optimal grip. White for cleanliness and instant visibility of alignment in basket.


FDA approved POM-C acetal handle that’s nearly unbreakable. 304 stainless steel flat base. 58.40mm diameter for VST baskets.

Shipping Dec/Jan

Production has already begun at the factory in Jiangsu! The first batch should be sent this year, with later or larger preorders being sent out early 2017.

Pre-orders have closed for now. Follow @BaristaHustle on twitter or instagram for updates.


Large orders are welcome. Discounted pricing begins at 25 units and accelerates quickly by 250. Custom laser engraving on the base (as pictured) is available for large orders only. Please email Matt to discuss any order larger than 25 units.



Is the handle soft or hard?
It’s rock hard. Think of a knife handle. Polyoxymethylene acetal is used to replace metal parts in a lot of industries.

Will it be slippery?
The outer surface has been sandblasted to increase friction. It’s far easier to grip than any wooden or aluminium handle.

Shouldn’t tampers be heavy?
There’s no functional requirement for a tamper to be heavy. After using this tamper for 10 minutes, going back to a heavy tamper feels like you’re holding an axe when the job could be performed with a scalpel. Users comment that the lower weight feels more precise and reduces strain on their body.

Does it feel cheap?
Acetal is super strong and robust. You couldn’t break or bend it without using tools. The surface feels like stone, but has the warmth of wood. Everyone who touches it has made some kind of noise: “oooh”, “oh wow”, and “no way” are the most common.

How will it be shipped?
We’ll be using Hong Kong Post E-express, Swiss Post Registered Air Mail, or similar services. You will get a tracking number, and it will be insured.

What’s the packaging?
This is an economy product. All resources have been directed to increasing quality of the tamper without raising prices. The packaging is TBC – don’t expect anything fancy!

Will I get it in time for Christmas?
I hope so, but I can’t make any guarantees. Shipping and logistics companies are getting crushed around that time, but we’ll be trying our best!

Anything else? Just leave a comment below!