Barista Hustle is here to help the world make better coffee. We are a team of baristas, educators and product designers. We take great pride in being transparent — our website is advertising-free and we disclose all affiliations and potential conflicts of interests. In the modern world of ‘pay-for-content’ marketing, building trust between our community and us in an ad-free online environment is at the heart of what we stand for.


Baristas and coffee professionals from all over the world make use of our free and subscription-based online coffee classes. We have published seven online barista courses. These are visited each week by thousands of freelance baristas, as well as hundreds of coffee businesses looking to offer training and career progression for their ambitious staff.  


What makes Barista Hustle really special is our community. We are a collection of 30,000 individuals who are passionate about specialty coffee — our Facebook group is where we connect and share valuable insights and industry tips. We encourage our community to engage with discussion, and thanks to our volunteer moderators the posts are always original, useful, and relevant. Join our biweekly polls to help determine what research topic we explore for every new post.


We also design and sell affordable hardware – such as the Barista Hustle Tamper. Currently the Barista Hustle Tools team is in the development stage of a number of exciting new products.


Barista Hustle is here to help the world make better coffee, and we’re incredibly proud to be part of such a vibrant and exciting community. If want to know exactly what we’re up to, we publish a biweekly newsletter to over 17,000 people. It’s full of information about the specialty coffee industry, new Barista Hustle articles, and generally cool stuff that is happening with coffee around the world. We also operate a free drip feed service for folks who are curious about our educational courses and want to get a glimpse of what’s behind the paywall in the form of a weekly snippet of coffee knowledge. Or if you prefer to dive in the deep end, then BH Unlimited awaits. 

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BH Writers, Researchers and Designers

Matt Perger – Fonder and CEO


Matt Perger, a two time world champion barista, award-winning writer, and coffee roaster from Melbourne, Australia, leads the organisation by example. Matt is one of only three baristas to have won two world championships. He personally oversees the designing and prototyping of all our hardware. Our online courses feature literally hundreds of video-tutorials of Matt, as he shares his passion for the pursuit of evenness in coffee extraction. Somehow, Matt also finds time to pen our bi-weekly newsletter too.


Jem Challender – Dean of Studies

Jeremy ‘Jem’ Challender heads up the education department at Barista Hustle. Jem is one of the industry’s most experienced coffee educators. In 2009 he co-founded the Prufrock Coffee and the London Barista Resource. Jem was the 2016 UK Brewers Cup Champion and is the author of the book, Modern Barista (coming soon). He’s also quite a handy jazz pianist.


Jacob Thue – Head of Marketing and Design

Designer Jacob Thue heads up the photography, graphics and typesetting for all our online barista courses and blog posts. As a photographer, Jacob’s original artworks have been featured by Saatchi Art in London. 


Tom Hopkinson – Writer Researcher

Tom Hopkinson is responsible for writing educational material, research, and fact-checking for Barista Hustle. Tom is a Cambridge biology graduate and has worked as an editor on numerous scientific journals before moving to coffee. Tom has enjoyed success in Barista Championships, having come runner up in the 2017 Irish Barista Championships. 


Jean Zimmer

Jean edits all our courses to ensure our published works are of a professional standard and are easy to read. Jean is perhaps the most experienced editor of reference books in the specialty coffee world. She is responsible for the entire Scott Rao back catalogue as well as the Green Buyer’s Handbook by Ryan Brown. 


Prof Steven Abbott

World expert on drying science, solubility, and surfactants, Professor Steven Abbott offers Barista Hustle generous mentorship and is our scientific conscience. He is the designer of all the apps in the BH App Archive and is the author of five free e-books


Gwilym Davies

2009 World Barista Champion, Gwilym Davies has helped Barista Hustle plan and design educational resources for our new BH Coaching initiative. He has a training centre and coffee roastery in Jilove outside of Prague where he offers the BH Barista One practical certification. Gwilym has offered Barista Hustle generous support as an advisor and Beta Tester since we first began to publish online courses. 


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