Past Superlatives

Check out the coffees that have been sent out to Superlatives subscribers over the years.

August 2018 — St. ALi Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Barkume Uraga Tome

This month, we come back to Melbourne with our good friends, St. ALi Coffee Roasters and their Ethiopia Barkume Uraga Tome. They’ve provided a two-for-one—subscribers receive 50g of both the washed and natural process of this coffee. No matter which processing method you prefer, we’re sure you’ll enjoy their contrasting sweetness, florality, and clarity.  

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May 2018 — Genovese Specialty Division: Brazil Jhone Milanez Lacerda Lot #03

This month we stay in Melbourne with Genovese Specialty Coffee Division, and Australia’s 2018 ASCA Roasting Champion #benovese Ben Toovey, heading over to Brazil with a unique controlled fermentation Red Cataui AND a taster of the same bean — naturally fermented. One of the fastest ways to learn about coffee is side by side cupping — and Ben and his team have delivered a super cool experience for you to try just that. 

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April 2018 — Small Batch & Raquel Lasso Colombia Geisha

This month we head to Colombia, by way of Small Batch here in Melbourne, Australia. They’ve got a stunning Geisha (only our second Geisha throughout Superlatives!) produced by Raquel Lasso, a pioneering leader within her community. This coffee is all syrupy body, jammy bakers spice, rosehip, apple, grape, and mandarin, with super aromatics of white flowers, citrus peel, mandarin, and perfume. It’s pretty superlative really ; )

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March 2018 — Cafe Lomi & Daterra ‘Méthode Beaujolais’

This month we head to Brazil and Daterra Farms, by way of Paris with Cafe Lomi, with a coffee fermented using carbonic maceration — or as the French like to call it, Méthode Beaujolais — before being naturally processed. They’ve helped produce a coffee bursting with tons of cherry, layers of chocolate, dried fig, and pineapple, with a wine-like, creamy, and clean finish.

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