Matt Perger

January 30, 2017

I'm Matt Perger


Barista & Boundary Pusher

Everything I do is focused on consistency, accuracy and deliciousness. People around the world know me as the Barista who popularised using the EK43 grinder for espresso, sieved coffee grinds for uniform particle size in the WBrC and designed my own tamper (amongst other things). I’m the World Brewers Cup Champion for 2012, and have placed 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2011) in the World Barista Championships, and in 2014 I was the Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion. I'm a partner at Sensory Lab in Melbourne Australia where I come up with new and exciting ideas to make coffee better. You're looking at project no. 1! Barista Hustle is where I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learnt so far, interacting with the Barista community and exploring the cutting edge of our craft. Get in touch with me in any comments section or the Facebook group. You can also follow my worldwide coffee adventures on the social medias as @mattperger.
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