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The Barista Hustle Slack is a place for respectful, rewarding discussions of all things coffee. It is a forum, both public and private, for intellectual curiosity, engaging community, and good coffee times. To keep the good coffee times flowing, it’s important that this community has clear boundaries and standards. By using this Slack, you agree to the following guidelines: By using this Slack, you agree to…

  1. Contribute worthwhile, interesting content that you have the rights to share. Cite sources and give proper attribution.
  2. Interact professionally; focus on topics not people. Make any criticism constructive.
  3. Honestly represent any affiliations or stakes you may have in topics you discuss. Be clear about your affiliations on your profile and when engaging in any commercial activity.
  4. Bring issues of concern to moderators in a timely manner via messaging, meta or flagging features.

You agree not to…

  1. Solicit or offer employment or services outside of the designated channels for such content.
  2. Harass, intimidate, or engage in repeated unwanted interactions with any member of the site. Sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise derogatory comments about particular groups will not be tolerated.
  3. Misrepresent your identity, affiliation or other pertinent personal details.

In return, we agree to…

  1. Maintain open access to everything you post for members (except posts removed at moderator discretion for guidelines violations).
  2. See to the continued stewardship of this Slack group.
  3. Respond with care and consideration to complaints with a three strikes system used to handle infractions.

We agree not to…

  1. Violate your privacy or share your private information with any outside parties. (For the record, we have no access to anything happening in DMs or Private Channels.)
  2. Redistribute content outside of this community without express permissions of creators.

Social Behaviour Guidelines

  1. Please use @mentions to help track conversations, but do not aggressively @ people not involved in the conversation already.
  2. Do not use @channel, @everyone, or @here global notifications. They supersede a lot of Slack’s notification settings, and get sent loudly to people in every timezone around the world.
  3. Creating starred Text Snippets or Posts and using Comments is a great way to branch off a conversation into more detailed discussion.
  4. Remember that everything you say in a public channel is potentially visible to all registered users.
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