Assemble Your Team


After you’ve signed up and claimed the coupon, here’s how to add baristas to your team:

  • Go to ‘my account’ which is visible from any page on our website.
  • Select the link that says ‘teams’.
  • Follow the link to ‘view team’. And you’ll notice a dropdown that invites you to ‘add member’.
  • To add a member, just add their email address and they will be sent an invitation.


Support Your Team


  • After sending someone an invitation to join your team, they will immediately receive an invitation from us by email with a link to join your team.
  • An alternative to the automatic email is to send the person you want to join your team the unique code that you can copy and paste into a text or email to them. This is a fail-safe way of getting a new member on board who might have lost our email to them into their spam or just the aether. You can find this link right underneath the box where you can put someone’s email. If you send the code, there is no need to also add their email into the box.
  • IMPORTANT: If they don’t already have an account with us (they will if they have ever made a purchase from our website) then the link in the invitation will lead them to a page where they can create a unique user id and password.
  • After creating their id or logging in to their existing account, they need to click the link in the invitation email, and then click the “Join Team” button. This will give new members ‘Unlimited’ access to our educational content.
  • To find courses, they just need to go to ‘my account’ and then follow the link to ‘my courses’.


Monitor a Learner’s Progress


  • To keep our online accreditation process valid and secure, it is necessary to make each student’s account password protected.
  • To make course progress and exam results visible to team leaders, learners need to go to ‘my account’ and then select ‘learner profile’.
  • At the top of the Learner Profile is a checkbox that allows learners to ‘make my certificates publicly visible’. The URL for their Learner Profile is*username* – replace *username* with their unique username.
  • Linking to a publicly visible BH learner profile can be a great addition to a barista’s CV.