Distribution Tool Experiment Crowdfund

$20.00 USD

Nobody knows if they work.
Nobody knows if they don't.

We need your help to do the science!

ANY level of support is welcome. We'll use whatever we get to do the best job we can.

Here's the article explaining what's going on.

Anyone funding the experiment gets the following:

- a big pat on the back from Science
- access to a subsection of the BH forum to collaborate on goals and experiment design (read-only for non-contributors, though experienced science-humans are very welcome!)
- a massive discount on any eventual product that is created

And here's our promise:

We promise to spend every cent from you on the project and to deliver results that are as scientifically valid as possible with the resources available. We will not directly profit from the donations, but we may indirectly profit from the website traffic generated, and eventual products sold. We'll do our best to make revenue and spending as transparent as possible throughout.