Binary Argument Series: Washed

$20.00 USD

The Binary Argument T-Shirt Series:

Few arguments in the world of coffee are black and white. There are some, though, that cause a hard line to be drawn in the sand.

There are multiple ways to process coffee, but one thing's for sure: naturals are better than washed. They're fruit bombs, ferment-y, and have characterOR washed coffees are better than naturals. You can't deny the pleasantry of a clean, well-balanced washed coffee. No matter what, we all end up choosing a side of the coin. It's like standing at the Pearly Gates for some people. But which is your Heaven and your Hell?

We're going to let you decide! Grab a shirt and tell everyone this is the hill you're willing to die on.

We'll let everyone know what option is more popular!

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