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Advanced Coffee Making Course (beta)

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We have 100 seats available for early access and beta testing at a heavily discounted price. All we ask for this massive discount is your helpful honest feedback and patience as you navigate our almost-complete course.


This is a course for coffee professionals looking to upgrade and update their knowledge of coffee making science, or the home barista looking to up their game or advance their know-how. Over four weeks you will learn best practice in solubility testing using dehydration and refractometry. You will learn coffee algebra. You will become well versed in technologies like laser diffraction in grind analysis and conductivity testing in green coffee quality assurance. There are 30+ videos across seven chapters, 50 individual lessons and seven challenging assessments. You will take with you a huge coffee toolkit with all the calculators, spreadsheets, forms and posters you need to keep your knowledge and the people who you work with, right on ‘the boundaries of coffee’.

Our 100 beta testers will get access to the course in a week or so! We'll send out the course to you in weekly segments, just like the real thing. The 10 most helpful testers — as judged by Jeremy — will each get a free set of the new BH cupping bowls, one of our precision milk pitchers, and a tamper sent to them for free (!!!!).