Cupping Room – Rwanda Kanzu

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We’ve got some spare bags of this month’s Superlatives that absolutely mustn’t go to waste!

It’s a Rwandan Kanzu, from regular WBC finalist and all round good guy Kapo Chiu and his roastery Cupping Room in Hong Kong.

If you’re in HK please order bags directly from Cupping Room – they’ll arrive a lot faster!

Each bag is 100g and includes trackable shipping to any destination in the world. Shipments go out early next week and you’ll receive tracking details soon after.

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Information via the fine folks at the Cupping Room:

Aromatics: Candied pear, Floral
Acidity: Citric
Sweetness: Honeyed
Producer: Various
Altitude: 1,950 masl
Varieties: Bourbon

We are once again excited to offer a beautiful bourbon cultivar from the Kanzu washing station in Rwanda!

Kanzu washing station sits at 1,950 meters in Nyamasheke, located in Southwestern Rwanda. The coffee grows in rich volcanic soil on rolling, steep hills that tower over the station reaching up to 2,200 meters. Producers with small lots from the hillsides above, bring their ripe fruit to the station below. The soil, high elevations, and cool climate are perfect for producing ripe, dense fruit. The washing station has invested resources into an improved infrastructure, training farmers on the best agronomic practices, and improving quality which shines through in the cup season after season.

This year, Kanzu has lovely candied pear and floral aromatics, with currant, sweet hibiscus and a persistent honeyed sweetness in the cup.