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Espresso: Why You Hate It and How to Fix It - Ben Kaminsky Naked Portafilters - Chris Baca Chefsteps Espresso ClassDrink Preferences - Charles Babinski and La Marzocco Espresso Q&A - Tim Wendelboe Barista Hustle Espresso Series - Matt Perger Analyzing DoseHow to Weigh ShotsUnderstanding YieldShot TimeStrength / TDSRecipes: Putting it all TogetherHow Hard Should You Tamp? Espresso Temperature CalculatorStrength and Dilution CalculatorsThe Espresso CompassDIY Extraction TastingDistributionHow to Distribute by TappingHoldswhirl Distribution MethodFor a Good PuckNutation: An Apology Downward Spiral of DeathMan vs Volumetricsjimseven on Espresso - James Hoffmann Dialling in without timings7 tips for dialling in an espresso blendSeasoning a coffee machineContinued Thoughts on Pressure ProfilingThe Cappuccino 


EK43 Parts One, Two and Three - Matt Perger Heating in Grinders - Christian Klatt Minimising Static - Home BaristaThoughts on Grinders - Matt Perger 


The Death of the Death of the Barista - Matt Perger Hidenori Izaki on Service - Alex Bernson How to Serve Addicts - Alex Bernson


The SCAA Flavor Wheel (hi-res) On Tasting Notes Parts One, Two - James Wallace 


Chris Bacas - Youtube Channel Barista - Documentary Verve Coffee Roasters - Youtube Channel



Scales ⭐️ Acaia ⭐️ OHAUS NavigatorBrewistaCheap Jewellery ScalesBaskets ⭐️ VST PrecisionIMSTampers ⭐️ PergtampPUSHPullmanBrewing400 Micron Sieve (Australia) Precision Sieves (Australia) Stagg Pouring KettleCustomisationPantechniconSpecht DesignTitusEspressoParts ⭐️ = Highly Recommended 



Chemical Reactions During the Roasting Process - Sweet Marias Let's Talk About Roasting - Barista Hustle To Blend or Not to Blend - Barista Hustle Everything is a Blend - Barista Hustle Roasting Q&A - Tim Wendelboe 



GenderThe Bag of Dicks - Stories from the front lines of the gender divide in specialty coffee Douchey Dude Baristas - Anonymous Tumblr SustainabilityThe SCAA Green Guide 



Water Test KitThe Complexities of Water and Flavour - Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood Buffers Tutorial - Chem Collective Water for Coffee - M. Colonna-Dashwood & C. Hendon 


Thom Huppertz: The Science of Milk Foam - Re:co Symposium Morten Münchow: Definition of Milk Foam Quality - Nordic Barista Cup Milk Foam: Creating Texture and Stability - SCAA Chronicle Milk Supply Chains with Mark Peterson - Barista Hustle The Cowculator - Part One - Barista Hustle The Cowculator - Part Two - Barista Hustle 


Latte Art

Does Latte Art Make Coffee Taste Worse? - Barista Hustle Instagram Ben MorrowShinsaku FukayamaJess Lambie 



The Role of Dissolved Cations in Coffee Extraction - Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Changes in sensory quality characteristics of coffee during storage - Food Science and Nutrition Whole Bean Coffee Degradation Over Time - Analytical Flavor Systems Hot vs. Cold Extraction - Science and Food jimseven on Science - James HoffmannIntroduction LipidsMaillard Reactions, Strecker Degradation and CaramelisationFoamsWhy won’t my milk Foam?OchratoxinSugars Part 1: SucroseSugars in Roasted Coffee 



Varieties Explained - Counter Culture Coffee A botanists Guide to Specialty Coffee - SCAA Coffee Plants of the World - SCAA Flavour Characteristics Due to Processing - CoffeeResearch.org Genus Coffea - Raimond Feil Green Coffee - A Photographic Guide - jimseven The Naturals Debate - jimseven Mo' Money, Mo' Quality - Kim Elena Ionescu Cafe Imports Coffee Education Series (highlights below) Coffee Variety TreeOriginsSample RoastingFree Downloadable Courses 



Software Deputy - Staff Scheduling Xero - Accounting Square - POS 


Blogs & Sites

SCAA ChronicleTamper TantrumJimSevenSprudgeCoffeeLandsSweet MariasMaxwell Colonna-DashwoodFresh CupSocratic CoffeeDaily Coffee NewsBarista MagazineThe Daily Grind by La Colombe Tim Willems' Coffee Pinterest 


Cat Cloud CoffeeCoffee Awesome - Bjørg Brend Laird CoffeeIs.meI Brew My Own CoffeeTamper Tantrum 



The Scott Rao CompendiumThe Coffee Roaster's CompanionEverything but EspressoThe Professional Barista's HandbookEspresso: Extraction Measurement and MasteryGod in a Cup - Michaele Weissman Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality - Viani & Illy Water For Coffee - Colonna-Dashwood & Hendon Black Gold - Anthony Wild Uncommon Grounds - Mark Pendergrast The World Atlas of Coffee - James Hoffmann 


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