Barista Hustle Subscription


The world’s best coffees, monthly.


Only the Best

We find beautiful, interesting, and special coffees from roasters all around the world.

Size Matters

Pack them into affordable envelopes of 60 to 100g depending on the cost and rarity.

Free Shipping

Airmailed anywhere in the world!

Good Vibes Included

$1 from your order goes to Cool Earth, offsetting far more than just your coffee and shipping.

When we reach 1000 subscribers, everyone will get 100-150g coffee every month.

Same price. Same awesome coffees. More brews. Forever.

300 to go!

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The Best Coffees

Coffees can come from anywhere and be roasted by anyone, but they have to be extremely special in some way. I might pick a coffee for it’s unique, crazy flavours, because it’s a great example of a particular region or variety, or it represents a new and interesting processing method. Maybe it just won a medal at the World Brewers cup. Anything goes!

Roasted Well

I’ll only send you coffees that are roasted specifically for filter brewing methods. No dark espresso roasts, but also nothing underdeveloped and green. Sweetness, acidity, and complexity are the goal.

Packed Into Envelopes

We seal each coffee into a valved bag, inside a flat A4 envelope. Depending on the rarity and cost of the coffee you’ll get between 60 and 100 grams, but the price will always stay the same. For example: 100g of a Kenyan, or 60g of a crazy auction winning Geisha. Enough to properly experience a coffee, and maybe one to share with a friend.

Free Shipping

Envelopes are much smaller than boxes, and 100g is much lighter than the usual 250g. Because of this, shipping costs the same no matter where you are in the world: zero.

I’ve found optimum carriers for every location including Hong Kong Post E-express and SwissPost RAM. All envelopes have tracking numbers and should arrive in any country well before the end of the month (pending customs delays).

Once a Month

Subscriptions will all be processed together, on the 1st day of each month. I’ll send the coffee out during the 1st week, and you should receive it well before the end of the month. You can pause, cancel, or modify your subscription at any time up until the last day of the month.

Conscience is Covered

With each envelope, I’ll send $1 to a coffee-related cause. Whoever is supplying or roasting the coffee gets to choose how the money will be spent: a project towards the community where the coffee came from, or a well known not-for-profit. Causes will be thoroughly vetted for effectiveness.

Shipping from the roastery to you will also be completely offset with carbon credits.


Community is Everything

You’ll be enjoying coffee alongside the Barista Hustle community of mindful and progressive coffee professionals and enthusiasts. I’ve put aside spaces for us to share our brewing experiences and tips, and will be encouraging the roasters, producers, and the people who made each coffee happen to be in there as well.

USD$22 / month

Your card will be charged now to secure FEBRUARY’S coffee.

Following billing dates will be Mar. 1st, Apr. 1st, etc.

Or, cancel any time.

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Is this just for Baristas?
No. Anyone can enjoy the Subscription. I encourage curious consumers, home baristas, and anyone who enjoys coffee to get on board!

Is it tax deductible?
If you’re a coffee professional, then most likely yes!

Why not 250 grams or a pound?
I need to stay within the weight limits for international air-mail. This weight range is optimum for making the shipping free for you. Also, these coffees can be really expensive, so I’m trying to make them much more accessible for the international community. I feel that 60-100g (5-8 cups) is enough to taste and enjoy a special coffee (and maybe share one with a friend) without breaking the bank.

Why does the weight change?
I didn’t want to lock this subscription into one price point, so we can explore a truly wide range of coffees together. You’ll get 100g when the coffee costs less, 60g if it’s super expensive and rare, and 80g if it’s somewhere in-between. This way I have less incentive to choose cheaper coffees because my margin will always stay the same, and I have more incentive to find the truly life-changing coffees to keep you happy and interested!

What’s the coffee?
You’ll have to trust me. Once orders are in, I’ll send out the envelopes and announce what’s inside. If you live close to the roastery and may have had it before, I’ll give you a heads up and the option to pass.

Do I get a tracking number?
Yes! It will be emailed to you once the fulfilment company has shipped the envelopes.

How fast is shipping?
Every destination has a range of 3-16 working days. Most countries will be at the lower end of the spectrum, with the less-traveled routes seeing longer times. Customs might make this longer, and I unfortunately can’t help it.

When will you ship?
We will ship in the 1st week of each month.

What about customs and taxes?
It’s your responsibility to ensure that your country doesn’t prohibit or tax the import of this product, and to make arrangements/payments if they do. Every envelope will have a customs declaration form with “Roasted Coffee. Value: USD$10” written on it.

More Questions?
Tap or click that floating blue icon on the bottom right of the screen, and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

Last month’s coffee?


Ninety Plus’ Juliette Gesha from Panama!


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What is Barista Hustle?


Barista Hustle is a weekly newsletter, blog, community, and now coffee subscription for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. It’s focus is making coffee better by sharing advanced and relevant information.

The weekly newsletter started in January 2015 and has over 15,000 readers.
The blog won the 2015 Sprudgie award for best coffee writing.
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Matt Perger

Matt Perger

Founder, Barista Hustle

Matt Perger is a World Champion Coffee Brewer and a shareholder at St Ali and Sensory Lab in Melbourne, Australia.

He writes the weekly Barista Hustle Newsletter, and will be drawing from the rich Barista Hustle community to find coffees for this subscription!

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