**This position has been filled by a wonderful human**

As you may have noticed, Barista Hustle is ramping up all kinds of online and offline projects this year! With the growth comes a need for someone who can run point for the website, social, and ecommerce side of the business. The aim here is to build a team of smart, engaged, and happy humans who help the world make better coffee. If that would put a smile on your dial each morning then please keep reading!

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are as this business is mostly online. That said, if you’re in Melbourne (or are in a position where you could move or occasionally travel to Melbourne) it’s a strong advantage. Melbourne applicants -especially those with photo/video experience- would be perfect.

Salary is highly variable with the open nature of this position. We will be negotiating a fair and transparent salary based on your location, needs, time, and the skills you bring to the team.

This position will begin as part time. If everyone is keen for more we can move it up to full time, but this isn’t necessary.

Tasks and Skills
– Email and social media customer support (written)
– Subscriber management
– Basic WordPress and Woocommerce management (posting, updating, editing, exporting orders, refunds etc.)
– Spreadsheets (nothing too fancy)
– Filtering and managing inbound leads and sales
– Social Media management (marketing, posting, promotions, photo editing)
– Writing (updates, email marketing, sales, subscription coffee information)
– Project Management (subscription logistics, ordering packaging, simple crowdfunding projects etc.)
– Random tasks and research for Matt (nothing too weird. Promise)

We always prefer to have the right person without the right skills rather than the wrong person with the right skills, so don’t be afraid if you don’t have experience with all of this. Basic internet, social media, and spreadsheet experience is really the crux of this position.

Bonus Round
If you have experience with any of this stuff, then you’re moving right up the list:
– photography
– videography
– illustration, drawing, or similar
– web design
– sysadmin/developer skills
– professional coffee making/roasting/buying
– mechanical/electrical engineering

**This position has been filled**

Get in Touch
To do so, please send a brief intro, good vibes, and declaration of role-crushing abilities to We’re pretty flexible and understanding about poor circumstance, timing, and general life stuff. If you’re super keen but worried about something then please get in touch! We also understand this is a small industry, and applicant confidentiality will be strictly upheld.

**This position has been filled**