Barista Hustle has been a great way to share surface-level information with the coffee community, and it’s so far helped over 1.7 million people make better coffee. From the number of questions we receive via email there’s still an obvious lack of specific and concise information for business owners.

When consulting, we’re very open and honest about how or why we came to certain conclusions; especially when sharing methods or advice based on anecdotal evidence. Nobody knows everything about coffee, and we certainly don’t pretend to! We’ve been collecting a lot of information and growing an absolutely massive network over the past few years. When consulting for you, we’ll be drawing on this network where necessary; using them as advisors, employees, and sub-contractors to ensure we’re delivering the very best work for you.

To reduce contract and legal overhead we’ll be operating on a flat hourly fee of USD$250, paid upfront, which will be tracked by the minute and reported on each email. If your project is larger or more complex, or requires on-site work, we’re happy to make other arrangements. Initial scope and set up time is of course free. Speaking of set up and scope; please get in touch and let us know what you’d like to learn, gain, or improve upon. We’re here to help!